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GoodAccess Announces MRR Tripled After a Momentous Year

‍GoodAccess, a vendor of a SaaS platform that enables zero-trust access to business resources, announced a successful closure of 2021 led by tripled MRR.

Lukas Dolnicek


GoodAccess, a vendor of a SaaS platform that enables anytime-anywhere zero-trust remote access to business resources announced today a successful closure of 2021 led by 320% year-over-year growth in monthly recurring revenue (MRR). The tech startup that develops cloud VPN with zero-trust access control is running for a series A investment funding.

GoodAccess streamlines the way organizations handle remote networking and mitigate security risks introduced by distributed workforce, omnipresent mobility and decentralized IT.

It is a SaaS platform that allows businesses to create a resilient virtual network over the public Internet, safeguard access to business resources based on zero-trust principles and prevent unauthorized access via hiding important systems from public eyes (IP whitelisting).

2021 Highlights:

  • Monthly recurring revenue increased by 320% year-over-year
  • $1M raised in seed funding from venture capital firm Nation 1
  • GoodAccess team tripled in 2021
  • 5 key features deployed (zero-trust access control, DNS filtering, clouds and branches, SSO, MFA)
  • Active customers in 120 countries worldwide

“Our mission is to bring affordable zero-trust networking to small and midsize businesses and I am glad to say that 2021 gave us momentum from that perspective,” says Michal Cizek, CEO at GoodAccess. “We invested heavily in innovating the core of our product from cloud VPN to a zero-trust network access platform and reached most of the goals we set out to achieve. Thanks to our relentless focus on earning customer trust among small and midsize businesses from 120 countries.”

Delivered as a SaaS, GoodAccess allows customers to avoid investing in expensive on-premise hardware infrastructure and its maintenance. If a business wants to ensure secure anytime, anywhere access to the business networks, clouds, apps and other resources, GoodAccess empowers it to do this in 10 minutes. After the seed investment in 2021, the company aims to raise series A investment funding later this year.

In 2021, GoodAccess introduced several key features to its platform, namely:

Zero-trust network access to enable IT admins to assign every user a private account and network identity, manage their permissions and access only to systems they need for their work.

DNS filtering, a security technique that protects against malware and phishing by blocking access to malicious sites.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) on a network level to strengthen the security of user authentication.

Single sign-on (SSO), a way of authenticating access to multiple online applications with a single user identity (Microsoft Azure, Google Workspace, Okta).

Clouds & branches, enabling secure remote access to private clouds, datacenters and on-premise networks into one virtual network via a secure tunnel.

Since 2020, GoodAccess has earned the trust of more than 1000 business customers from 120 countries worldwide. Its technology belongs to the so-called SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) tools which aim to deliver converged network and security features from a globally distributed cloud service. Gartner forecasts the market will reach almost $11 billion by 2024.