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Reseller & MSP
Partner Program

Let’s work together and provide business teams around the world with secure remote access. Help your customers upgrade from legacy hardware-based VPNs to GoodAccess.

Grow your business with cutting-edge SASE technology

SASE Secure Access Service Edge

Single Network Security Solution
GoodAccess offers a single cloud-based network security solution via strong encryption, system access control, and reporting. All team members connect to any business system securely, regardless of their physical or network locations.

Instant Deployment / Easy Management / Smooth Usage
Deployment only takes a few minutes, and setup continues remotely. Team members can access any system with one click, and an intuitive dashboard enables management and reporting.

Access control and Reporting
Manage access to company systems thanks to virtual access cards that open systems to individual team members. Detailed access logs and reporting make GDPR compliance much easier.

Why become a GoodAccess partner?

Affordable solution
High Recurring Revenues
Earn high recurring revenues with market-leading commission rates
Cloud VPN server
Cutting-Edge SASE Technology
Lead the MSP market with cutting-edge cloud-based SASE technology
Market-leading deployment time
Save Time and Resources
Save time and resources with instant deployment and fully automatic client configuration

What we expect from our partners

Technical support
  • Local marketing & sales
  • Customer Payment processing
  • Initial integration with customer systems (IP whitelisting, tunnel connection between GoodAccess and customer’s cloud / on-premise networks)
  • Basic support (phone / email)

Partner Control Panel

GoodAccess - Partner Control panel
  • Dashboard (Partner Level, Performance summary - est. annual revenue)
  • List of customers, plans, & subscriptions
  • Direct way of managing your customer’s GoodAccess via the control panel
  • Automatic customer email notification regarding upcoming renewal [optional]
  • News & messages
  • Partner FAQs
  • Documentation, Guides, Video Guides
  • Marketing and Sales resources (Sales Pitch, Presentations, How-to Videos, Customer FAQs, etc.)
  • Support Contacts
  • Partner Agreement
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn money?
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You pay discounted prices according to your Partner Level. The customer pays you the end-user prices. The difference is your commission. Additionally, you can earn performance bonuses, if they are available in the partner control panel.

What is the deployment process? What’s expected from a partner?
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Deploy GoodAccess for your customer in the partner control panel:
a) Invite Team Members
b) Define the protected systems [optional]
c) Setup access control - access cards [optional]

Integrate your customer’s systems and networks with the customer’s GoodAccess secure network perimeter:
a) Whitelist your customer’s GoodAccess Gateway dedicated IP address in their online/saas systems (firewall, web-server, access-control, source-code, etc.)
b) Create IPSec / Wireguard / OpenVPN Tunnels from all company clouds and on-premise networks (offices, branches, etc.)

Do I have exclusivity?
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No, this is considered non-exclusive cooperation. Both the partner and the provider offer GoodAccess for end-user prices.

Why do I need to pay services upfront? Can you issue an invoice with a due date?
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No, subscriptions are paid by the partner upfront and managed via the control panel. Should a customer not pay you what they owe, we will issue a full refund upon your request.

Can I pay via wire / bank transfer?
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Currently we accept Credit Cards & Paypal.

I need help with deployment or supporting my customer. How can I contact you?
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You can find all support contact information in your partner control panel.

What is the partner training process?
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The product is quite intuitive and easy to manage. We provide remote hands-on partner training, documentation, and videos for partners.