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Reinventing secure access to business resources

In GoodAccess, we invest our passion into developing an affordable zero-trust network access solution (all SaaS) that is easy to deploy, easy to manage, and easy to use. Thanks to this, any company can provision secure remote access to its business systems, clouds, and data in 10 minutes. Even without a dedicated networking expert. Anytime, anywhere.

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About us

A great story starts with a great team

The story of GoodAccess started to be written in 2019 by the Cizek brothers and Jiri Hromadka. While on a mission to simplify cloud access to digital resources for any business worldwide, they put together a team of security and networking enthusiasts and in 2020, the GoodAccess product was born.

In the years since, we've quickly grown into a respected VPN & zero-trust network access vendor loved by customers, and earned trust of venture capital firms that help to turn our mission into reality. With business customers in 120+ countries, we stir up the zero-trust network access market and build the next big cybersecurity platform for the network-less future.

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Our values

Our culture

The values we share drive us forward.

Inspiration value


The change is always driven by inspiration. Everyone should be inspired to inspire others.

Synergy value


We strive for a sustainable balance between our heart, mind, family, team, investors, customers, partners, community and the environment.

Trust value


Together we create a safe place defined by trust, understanding and openness. We should feel the same as we do at home.

Authenticity value


We respect the uniqueness of every human being. There is no need to pretend, altogether we just do things the best we can.

Motivation value


Motivation is a desire that leads to self-realization and learning. We live to feel great no matter if we make small or big things.

Joy value


Feel joy at home, feel joy at work. Don't be angry with the rose for its thorns, rejoice that such a thorny bush still has flowers.

Our team

Meet the executive team

our philosophy

“In GoodAccess we nurture a fresh team spirit built on openness and respect for others. Together we create a safe place defined by mutual trust and understanding. A balanced mix of growth orientation, tech knowledge, professionalism, and youthful enthusiasm, together with our culture is a driving force that allows us to achieve goals faster.”

Michal Cizek

CEO, GoodAccess

Gateway network

Global shared gateway network

Starter is a free business VPN that creates a secure VPN infrastructure for your virtual organization. Every time a user connects, GoodAccess automatically seeks out the nearest gateway location with the lowest latency and assigns an IP address dynamically. This enables secure private browsing and encrypted remote access to IT resources for your coworkers, even if they connect through public Wi-Fi.

network control and visibility
network control and visibility

Threat protection

Online Threat Protection

Starter comes equipped with Threat Blocker, an always-on feature that stops phishing, malware, botnets, ransomware ploys and other online security threats before they hit the user and breach your network. Learn more about GoodAccess Threat Blocker.

Goodaccess app

Mobile and desktop apps

GoodAccess comes with one-click applications for iOS, macOS, Android, Windows and ChromeOS. No configuration is needed. Just invite your colleagues via email to create their account and get the GoodAccess app.

Our story

Why GoodAccess

GoodAccess is recognized by TechRadar as one of the best ZTNA solutions and acclaimed by leading review platforms such as G2 and Capterra for its excellence in customer support, simplicity, and ease of use.


Partner ecosystem

GoodAccess integrates with industry-leading tools to support your existing infrastructure.

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Let's rattle the cybersecurity market together!

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