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Running a small business? You've just found the ideal VPN for your team

Gateway network

Global shared gateway network

Starter is a free business VPN that creates a secure VPN infrastructure for your virtual organization. Every time a user connects, GoodAccess automatically seeks out the nearest gateway location with the lowest latency and assigns an IP address dynamically. This enables secure private browsing and encrypted remote access to IT resources for your coworkers, even if they connect through public Wi-Fi.

network control and visibility
network control and visibility

Threat protection

Online Threat Protection

Starter comes equipped with Threat Blocker, an always-on feature that stops phishing, malware, botnets, ransomware ploys and other online security threats before they hit the user and breach your network. Learn more about GoodAccess Threat Blocker.

Goodaccess app

Mobile and desktop apps

GoodAccess comes with one-click applications for iOS, macOS, Android, Windows and ChromeOS. No configuration is needed. Just invite your colleagues via email to create their account and get the GoodAccess app.

DEDICATED Busines vpn

Business VPN gateway

Choose your private gateway from 35+ locations worldwide. Reputable static IP address for IP whitelisting and secure remote access included.

secure solution

Security features

Harden your security controls and mitigate remote access risks with secure web access, firewall, white and blacklisting, 2FA, access logs, and other features.


Bullet-proof encryption

GoodAccess creates an eavesdropping-resistant VPN tunnel via IKEv2/IPSec and OpenVPN protocols. Both are fast, designed to use unbroken ciphers and algorithms.

compliance enforcement with constant monitoring

dashboard and app

Mobile and desktop apps

Connect from Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, and ChromeOS devices via native GoodAccess apps.

control panel

Control panel

Add systems, apps, and devices into your network in a few clicks. Web interface with walkthroughs and user guides is optimized for easy network and user management.

Split tunneling

Split tunneling

Through the GoodAccess dedicated VPN gateway you can easily control access to your critical systems and decide which traffic to route directly.

Running a small business? You've just found the ideal remote access solution.

GoodAccess now brings new customers with a maximum of 3 users a special offer; 50% off the annual Essential plan. If you feel like this does not meet your needs, check out our standard plans.

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"Excellent Product & Customer Service"

The product and the customer service is excellent. They are the best I've found so far out of the 3 I've tried.
James H., Director, Consumer Services

"Good Support and Easy to set up"

Easy to set up. Doesn't slow the connection down at all. Connects on start-up. Works fine with a 4G connection on Windows. Very good support from friendly people with good English.
Liam T., Web designer, Web development company

"Unparalleled Value and Great Service"

Hands-down, I would recommend GoodAccess to anyone needing a VPN for their business. The service and support is great, and the value is unparalleled.
Sam S., Lead Data Engineer, Online Media

"Easy to use and simple installation"

The installation of GoodAccess software is very simple. The use is easy and the UX is good. The support team is friendly and helpful.
Enrico Maria G., Project manager
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Is it possible to get a backup gateway or any kind of addons with this plan?