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GoodAccess Gateways: 35+ and counting

Your gateway is the key point of your private virtual infrastructure. Choosing the correct location of your connection points and adding more gateways will significantly improve your quality of service.

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What is a VPN gateway

A VPN gateway is a location, where users connect to the private network. The gateway is where most other VPN and zero trust features reside, so a gateway may, for instance, assign IP addresses, filter communication with blacklisted domains, or authenticate users.

There are multiple servers in each gateway location with reserved capacity that is dedicated to each client. With each gateway, you also get a unique static IP address, which you can use in IP whitelisting.

How to choose a GoodAccess gateway

GoodAccess runs dozens of gateways globally to maintain good accessibility for users wherever they may be and ensure the best possible quality of service.

Besides coverage, we are also committed to continuously improving server speeds ahead of user demand to guarantee enough bandwidth for everyone.

Why VPN gateway location matters

The rule of thumb is the closer the better. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in your country, just the closest one available, but the closer the gateway is, the better latency and smoother service you’ll get.

Bear in mind that by close we mean close to your users and systems you are accessing, non necessarily your company headquarters. And if you have several branches spread out over more locations, you can always add an additional gateway.

Where are all the GoodAccess gateways located?

As of February 2022, GoodAccess provides VPN gateways in the following locations:

GoodAccess - gateways locations

Why it pays to add additional gateways

GoodAccess offers you the option to purchase an additional gateway as an add-on. There are two main reasons to have more than one VPN gateways in your private network.

High availability

A geographically separated backup gateway is useful if you want 100% uptime in the event of local network maintenance, ISP outages, or other unpredictable events. If connectivity to one gateway is lost, you can connect to the backup as a failsafe.

Better latency

More local gateways also improve network latency by having regional teams connect to the gateway that is closest to them. This is particularly important if your remote teams need crisp access to local internal systems.

The price of an additional gateway is $39 per month.

How to add an additional gateway

In your GoodAccess Control Panel, go to Gateways and click on Add Gateway in the upper-right corner.

GoodAccess - Add Gateway