Single Sign-On

Sign into GoodAccess with Okta, Microsoft Entra ID, Google, JumpCloud, or SAML. Reduce access management workload and provide convenient access to multiple business applications for your end-users with single sign-on (SSO).

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Manage access with one set of credentials

Easy to use

Convenient access

Gain access to your secure environment and protected applications with one set of credentials.

Main benefit

Easy access management

Avoid fragmented, per-application access management. Manage everything in one place.

Main benefit

SSO demo

How to use single sign-on


Secure and user-friendly application access

Gateway network

Global shared gateway network

Starter is a free business VPN that creates a secure VPN infrastructure for your virtual organization. Every time a user connects, GoodAccess automatically seeks out the nearest gateway location with the lowest latency and assigns an IP address dynamically. This enables secure private browsing and encrypted remote access to IT resources for your coworkers, even if they connect through public Wi-Fi.

network control and visibility
network control and visibility

Threat protection

Online Threat Protection

Starter comes equipped with Threat Blocker, an always-on feature that stops phishing, malware, botnets, ransomware ploys and other online security threats before they hit the user and breach your network. Learn more about GoodAccess Threat Blocker.

Goodaccess app

Mobile and desktop apps

GoodAccess comes with one-click applications for iOS, macOS, Android, Windows and ChromeOS. No configuration is needed. Just invite your colleagues via email to create their account and get the GoodAccess app.

easy access

Easy access for end-users

Allow your end-users to log into your secured IT environment with just one set of access credentials.

central access

Central access management

Manage user access in one place and stay informed about your users’ access history and behavior.

reduced attacks

Reduced attack surface

Replace multiple access credentials by one strong, secure set and reduce the number of points of entry for potential attackers.

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What companies like yours say about GoodAccess

We were looking for fast, secure, and quality audio transmission. We are excited that GoodAccess allows our agents to make phone calls with our clients via VOIP provider using the office IP from their home. GoodAccess is inexpensive, easy-to-use, safe, and the support team is brilliant!

Petr Hruška
Co-founder & CEO at Conexiondiaria

GoodAccess has strong encryption which shows to our customers that we take great care in protecting their data. The app is straightforward to use so we can access our systems from 14 different time zones and work efficiently. Simply a VPN with static IP for a great price.

Paraic Hegarty
CTO at Akari Software

It's important for us that GoodAccess' VPN with static IP is fast & has low latency, which feels like working from the office. I love the user friendly control panel, which just makes the work much easier!

Jan Svoboda

GoodAccess increases the level of security in our organization. We use it to access several cloud services and our data warehouse. We appreciate the customer-oriented support team, frequent product updates, and the excellent price/value ratio.

Petr Jirásek
Co-founder & CTO at Tipli

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How to enable SSO in GoodAccess

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Secure your assets

Connect to a gateway near your location, decide what systems to include in your secure environment.

Enable SSO

Invite team members and set up SSO in the Control Panel. Use SSO with Okta, MS Entra ID, Google, JumpCloud, or SAML.

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Other features

Explore similar features

Multi-factor authentication

Prevent unauthorized access to your internal systems with two-factor pre-authentication and biometrics.

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Network access control

Extend full control over inbound connections, manage them centrally with zero hardware required.

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Central dashboard

Keep track of your user behavior, network security status, and threat activity in one place.

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SSO guide

A complete guide to SSO in GoodAccess

Single sign-on (SSO) is a method of logging into an online app with the access credentials of another provider. This allows users to use just one set of credentials for multiple applications, enables central management and improves user experience.

GoodAccess supports SSO with the login credentials of the following providers:

  • Okta

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Google Workspace

  • JumpCloud

  • Universal login (SAML)

Visit Support Portal

To learn how to enable SSO in GoodAccess, follow this guide.

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