Cloud-Delivered Secure Infrastructure for the Networkless Company

Connect all your users and systems via a secured, private, and cloud-delivered infrastructure. Provide secure remote access to all your employees, manage access rights centrally, and block online threats using the most user-friendly zero-trust solution on the market. Zero hardware required.

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Provide secure, anytime-anywhere access to all your systems and applications, on-prem, cloud, or hybrid.

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Secure encryption


Prevent intrusion and manage risk with central identity management, privilege assignment, encryption, and online threat protection.

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Always-on private remote connectivity

Interconnect heterogeneous systems and applications with your end-users regardless of their location. Manage the components of your infrastructure centrally, and add or remove them with one click. Zero hardware required.

Dedicated VPN gateway
Connect from anywhere in the world via a secure and private tunnel.
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Static IP address
Get a permanent and unique identifier of your business on the public internet.
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Split tunneling
Conserve bandwidth by routing only critical connections through your VPN tunnel.
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Single sign-on (SSO)
Get convenient access to your whole secure environment with a single set of credentials.
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Central dashboard
Keep track of user behavior, network security status, and threat activity in one place.
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Zero-trust network access, anytime, anywhere

Prevent unauthorized access, assure compliance, reduce risk. Assign access privileges easily from a central console. Detect and block malware and phishing attempts automatically.

Zero-trust access control
Minimize the attack surface by robust user authentication, granular privilege assignment, and strong encryption.
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DNS filtering
Protect your network from phishing attempts, malicious domains, or productivity sinks.
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IP whitelisting
Use your static IP address to identify trusted connections to your critical systems.
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Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
Reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your systems with multi-factor authentication or biometric login to client apps.
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Network access control
Extend full control over inbound connections, manage them centrally with zero hardware required.
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Access logs
Ensure compliance and create a detailed record of access history for post-compromise analysis.
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