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XDENT uses GoodAccess for their remote software developers

Innovation in dental software

Before XDENT came to the market, dentists were using old-school patient tracking systems that were only available at the dentist's office.

XDENT offers an innovative online software solution. It tracks dentists' patient info, automatically sends invitations and keeps track of payments and material consumption.

"GoodAccess is fast, has low latency and I love the easy-to-use control panel"

Jan Svoboda


Software developers must implement new features late at night when no clients are online. In addition, nobody wants to stay in the office till midnight.

Accessing private servers from home office can be tricky. Not everyone has a static IP address at home that we could allow into our systems.


GoodAccess is the perfect solution! Our 10 developers got a dedicated IP address that we whitelisted and they can remotely and securely access our systems.

I love the easy-to-use control panel, where I can personally change the permission of my team members and decide who has access to which servers.

For example Pavel has access to servers A, B, C, but Tomas only to servers C & D.

Key Benefits

It's important for us that GoodAccess is fast and has low latency, which feels like working from the office. I can't imagine having to upload huge files to our databases with any other solution.

The second best thing is that GoodAccess is available for all devices. Developers can now monitor the systems non-stop, even via their phone.

And last but not least. The user-friendly control panel, which makes the work so much easier!