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Omnipresent: Secure Remote Access in an All-Remote Company

Global employment partner Omnipresent helps organizations hire and manage the best people for their team regardless of geography. This way of working requires a solution to ensure security compliance and protection from spoofing attacks for a global network of remote employees and clients.


The 100 % cloud company required a solution to secure their cloud systems and ensure protection against network spoofing attacks.


GoodAccess provides a cloud-delivered security solution that interconnects employees, clients, and systems, and encrypts the communication between them.


Omnipresent improved their security posture by sending sensitive data through secured, trusted connections. Latency is optimized by access to several gateways in multiple locations.

The Challenge

Omnipresent’s SaaS technology helps companies compliantly hire, pay and manage employees all around the globe by sorting out their paperwork, onboarding, tax contributions, benefits, etc. Omnipresent practices what it preaches—they are a fully remote company with no offices and more than 350 team members spread out in 50+ countries all over the world.

“There are no limits,” says Anastasios Gkouletsos, Cyber Security Lead at Omnipresent. “We offer the ability for people to work compliantly from anywhere—hotels, cafés, home—you just need a laptop, a Wi-Fi connection and you’re  signed in to do your work.

”However, the ability to work-from-anywhere carries a risk in that many users and clients connect via infrastructure that doesn’t belong to Omnipresent. “Omnipresent is a unique case—we don’t have a network; we’re completely cloud-native,” says Gkouletsos. “Remote clients or employees, in general, can work from a hotel and café that don’t usually follow security protocols and there is a real danger of spoofers.

”Understanding this general risk, Omnipresent needed to seek out a remote access solution to secure network connections to their cloud systems and ensure protection against network spoofing attacks, such as man-in-the-middle.

The Solution

“We had to be proactive,” says Gkouletsos, “We were aware of the dangers, so we considered several VPN vendors to encrypt communication between our systems and unsecured public Wi-Fi. We did our due diligence on GoodAccess and it looked really good, so we signed up for a trial.

”Gkouletsos appreciated the personal approach during the sales process. “We are a growing company, and so is GoodAccess. The service was very personal, very unique; it wasn’t just the usual protocol sales process, but uniquely dedicated to our needs. All the teams tried to help us and it was nice to try the whole product for free. There was no pressure, and no surprises.”

“GoodAccess brought us peace of mind. Our engineers feel confident with the fact that they use a dedicated IP when connecting to sensitive data in our data centers.”

Anastasios Gkouletsos, Cyber Security Lead at Omnipresent


Omnipresent currently uses multiple gateways in different locations, uses a static dedicated IP address to access sensitive data in their cloud environment, and has plenty of regular users connecting remotely via encrypted tunnels over the internet, with the number rising continually. With the improved security posture, they feel more assured about their way of working.

“GoodAccess brought us a peace of mind,” Gkouletsos concludes. “It’s a daily usage tool, and our users increase monthly. Our engineers feel confident with the fact that they use a dedicated IP when connecting to sensitive data in our data centers. We’ve never had any latency issues, and it’s nice that the pricing model is much lower than competitive solutions without losing functionality.”

Try GoodAccess yourself.

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