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Akari Software uses GoodAccess for secure remote access across 14 time zones

Enhanced Quality University programs

Akari software is the leading provider of Curriculum Management software for universities, globally across 7 different countries and 14 time zones.

Higher education is only effective with a perfect study program. Akari helps with what and how to teach, what modules students have to take, or what professional qualities they will have after receiving a degree.

"I'd absolutely recommend using GoodAccess. It's a secure & easy-to-use solution at a very attractive price point."

Patric Hegarty
Director of Product
Akari Software


Akari Software was installed on secure physical servers at different universities, but they were difficult to manage. If a problem arose, it could take time to determine responsibility.

Our team expanded globally and we needed a cloud solution. In 2013 we started using AWS for hosting the infrastructure and we were looking for a secure and easy way to access it remotely.


GoodAccess has a strong encryption and it also helps us comply with data protection regulations. It demonstrates to our customers that we can be trusted.

We access the same cloud infrastructure from 14 different time zones and work effectively as if we were in an office. Also perfect for home office during COVID-19.

GoodAccess simplifies managing the access rules. Only authorzed users can access data and service around the world with a few clicks.

Key benefits

GoodAccess is straightforward to use. We got a gateway with a few IPs to whitelist. We don't have to whitelist every member separately anymore.

And still we have the possibility to see who's doing what, where and when. It's used only in bad situations, but having it running in the background brings a peace of mind.

And a bonus is the really attractive price point. Finding a secure private access gateway for this price is very difficult.