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GoodAccess Cloud VPN with Zero-trust Access Control Raised $1M in Seed Funding from Nation 1

The Czech company with Avast-like global ambitions will use the $1M funding to strengthen development and global operations.

Lukas Dolnicek


GoodAccess fuels its mission to bring affordable zero-trust networking to small and midsize businesses. The Czech company with Avast-like global ambitions will use the funding to strengthen development and global marketing operations.

Launched in July 2020, GoodAccess aims to bring evolution to secured “anywhere, anytime” access to business systems, which remains one of the major struggles as businesses deal with shift to remote work, home office and decentralization of IT infrastructure. GoodAccess is a cloud service that addresses this issue by enabling businesses to create a virtual private network with identity-based access control (Software Defined Perimeter) in less than 10 minutes. When connected to this network, employees can securely access applications, systems and data from anywhere.

“The internet has become an inseparable part of business networking which poses a challenge to companies on how to enable remote access to business systems, data and resources without worrying about the security of their values,” says Michal Cizek, CEO at GoodAccess. “GoodAccess brings advanced networking and IT security features to small and midsize businesses. All of that in a convenient, affordable and easy to use way, so that smaller companies can uplift their security measures without a hitch.”

GoodAccess allows to enforce security on a user-to-application level by building bullet-proof micro-perimeters with identity-based access control. As a result, the underlying network is invisible to threat actors and only authorized users can securely connect to demanded resources from anywhere. Delivered as a pure SaaS, GoodAccess customers can avoid investing in expensive on-premise hardware infrastructure and its maintenance.

“Our aim is to support startups with global ambitions and potential to change the world in their field. GoodAccess has the best conditions to become a game-changer that is innovating the way how modern businesses run their networks and secure remote access from anywhere. Also, its team spirit, flat organizational structure and corporate culture are truly inspiring,” says Jaroslav Trojan, Managing Partner at venture capital firm Nation 1.

Since 2020, GoodAccess has earned the trust of more than 1000 business customers from 120 countries worldwide. This year, the company more than doubled its monthly revenue (compared to January 2021). Its technology belongs to so-called SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) tools which aim to deliver converged network and security features from a globally distributed cloud service. Gartner forecasts the market will reach almost $11 billion by 2024.


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