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Cover Your Business Systems with Software Defined Perimeter

GoodAccess is a cloud-delivered SaaS that allows you to create a 100% software defined perimeter, making your services and assets visible only to authorized users.

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Secure and encrypt connections between remote users and business systems, regardless of their physical and network locations

Make your applications undetectable for unauthorized users and block network-based attacks by default

Implement zero-trust security model with granular identity-driven access control

Detect insider and external threats such as scanning, lateral movement, and data breach

Cloak your business systems and resources. You cannot attack what you don't see

Network Control & Visibility

GoodAccess domain filtering gives you access control over all sites and applications so that you can automatically restrict unwanted user behavior and block malicious domains.

domain filtering allowing network control and visibility

Zero Trust Enforcement

Control access on an application level. No device and user can access resources only because they are connected to the trusted network, which helps to reduce the attack surface (DoS, server scanning, port scanning, SQL injection, etc.)

Zero trust control access

Segmentation on an Application Level

Use segmentation on an application level to achieve higher granularity than network segmentation at a fraction of network operation costs and deployment time.

segmentation on an application level

Robust User Authentication

Support for two-factor authentication and integration with SSO/Identity Providers such as Google, Azure AD, Okta, SAML, GoodAccess allows precise identity-based access control.

User authentication via 2 factor or multifactor authentication

Threat Detection & Response

GoodAccess applies threat intelligence that recognizes an infected device and automatically prevents it from accessing sensitive resources. An administrator is notified to check the device, so full control over the event is preserved.

threat detection recognizes infected devices

No Hardware

Avoid complex infrastructure designs that result in higher operational costs and higher risk with no-hardware, 100% software solution.

software solution where no hardware is needed
With users connecting from everywhere, consuming cloud applications far more than ever, the attack surface has expanded dramatically. The Internet has become an inseparable part of the corporate network. The network-centric approach is obsolete and cannot cope with this change and modern security needs. GoodAccess addresses this issue by allowing application owners to enforce security on a user-to-application level by building bullet-proof micro-perimeters ruled by identity-based access control. As a result, the underlying network is invisible to threat actors.

Businesses Like Yours Trust GoodAccess ZTNA. Meet Some of Our Customers

"GoodAccess increases the level of security in our organization."

We use it to access several cloud services and our data warehouse. We appreciate the customer-oriented support team, frequent product updates, and the excellent price/value ratio.
Petr Jirásek, Co-founder & CTO at Tipli
Petr Jirasek - Co-founder & CTO at Tipli

"Easy-to-use, safe, and the support team is brilliant!"

We were looking for fast, secure, and quality audio transmission. We are excited that GoodAccess allows our agents to make phone calls with our clients via VOIP provider using the office IP from their home.
Petr Hruška, Co-founder & CEO at Conexiondiaria
Petr Hruska - Co-founder & CEO at Conexiondiaria

"Perfect Security Match for Our Team!"

GoodAccess guarantees the security of our work gives the possibility to use different servers/encryptions from any place in the world that is helpful and important at present Covid times when most of our agents work remotely, from home. The complete integration with our existing business process was painless and easy.
Maria Pavliv, Lionentry

"Efficient work across 14 different time zones"

GoodAccess has strong encryption which shows to our customers that we take great care in protecting their data. The app is straightforward to use so we can access our systems from 14 different time zones and work efficiently. Simply a VPN with static IP for a great price.
Paraic Hegarty, CTO at Akari Software
Paraic Hegarty - CTO Akari software

"Feels like working from the office."

It's important for us that GoodAccess' VPN with static IP is fast & has low latency, which feels like working from the office. I love the user friendly control panel, which just makes the work much easier!
Jan Svoboda, CEO at XDENT
Jan Svoboda - CEO at XDENT

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Strengthen your network protection in 10 minutes.

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Save 20% with annual billing

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Per User / Month

min. 20 users
2 gateways included

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Why GoodAccess

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Breach risk reduction
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How it works / How to start

Software Defined Perimeter creates a global private network that interconnects every part of your company - team members, business systems, branch networks, private cloud networks, and IoT devices. Such a network is strongly encrypted and cloaked from the public internet in a way that unauthorized users cannot access your private data or attack your production infrastructure. We apply zero trust principles and identity-based access control to further reduce the attack surface. Software Defined Perimeter leverages the following principles:
Easy to use
GoodAccess Client App
verifies the user identity with additional security measures like 2FA or SSO to establish a secure encrypted tunnel connection to one of your private GoodAccess gateways. This way, your employees can work from a home office or a public network securely
Static IP Address
GoodAccess Gateway
is a private, protected way to access your secure network and all systems and data inside. The gateway verifies the user identity and provides authorized access to specific resources. Multiple gateways around the globe are supported to ensure the best performance and availability for your employees
icon zero-trust access
Identity-based Access Control
powered by an intelligent firewall and app-level access logging is at the core of the Zero Trust approach to compliance in your Software Defined Perimeter. You can control the employee access to particular systems on your private network based on both application and network layers
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