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Enjoy a Free Cloud VPN With the GoodAccess Starter Plan

Get a free VPN for your business. No hardware, no costs, 100% SaaS. Create a secure private network for up to 100 users with the GoodAccess Starter Plan.

Michal Cizek


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Get a business VPN for your team

We are launching a new plan in GoodAccess called Starter. And it’s completely free. For the first time in history, even smaller companies can create a business cloud VPN for up to 100 users for free without needing to build hardware infrastructure.

Why do we offer a free VPN?

At GoodAccess, we believe that everyone who has the need should be able to secure anytime-anywhere access for their business without having to spend hours fussing over infrastructure.

Releasing the free Starter plan is a logical step along our mission.

Starter ensures security of remote work over the Internet, encrypts user connections with business systems, protects sensitive data and and blocks online threats.

Compared to similar and competitive solutions, our free VPN service offering is unique. Nowhere else will you find this much freedom, functionality, and value as here. The GoodAccess Starter package grants you access to a secure VPN infrastructure to protect your company traffic with encryption and built-in threat blocking. You don’t need to build any additional infrastructure or spend a dime.

Compared to other free VPNs intended for home/retail users, GoodAccess free VPN differs by:

  • No advertising
  • No selling your browsing data to third-parties

So you can enjoy a 100% free VPN experience without having to suffer invasive ads or fear of your business data being exposed.

What do you get?

Global remote access infrastructure

Every time a user in your Starter team connects to the cloud VPN, GoodAccess will automatically seek out the nearest gateway location with the lowest latency to ensure the smoothest possible service.

In this case, the IP address is dynamically assigned. If you need a dedicated VPN gateway with static IP address, for instance if you plan to use IP whitelisting, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan.

A free VPN service for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android

With GoodAccess you allow employees to access your private network from different devices and support BYOD policy with peace in mind. GoodAccess Starter offers a free VPN for Android, Windows, iOS and MacOS so you can enjoy a free VPN on desktop and mobile devices as well.

Complete data privacy

While most online applications use encryption today, this encryption takes place on the application level only concealing the content of the communication. However communication metadata, such as the domains you access, the amount of data being transferred, or the kind of device or operating system you are using, are still visible to anyone looking.

All this data is still highly sensitive and easily exploitable against you, not to mention that exposing it compromises company privacy. That’s why GoodAccess uses encryption on the network layer (see the difference between SSL vs IPsec) to provide much more in-depth encryption of the communication as a whole in addition to the payload.

Network-borne threat protection

DNS filtering is often the first line of defense against online threats such as phishing and network-borne attacks (botnets, port scanning etc.). It uses blacklists (or blocklists, denylists) to prevent access to malicious or otherwise objectionable servers before connection to them is even established.

The Threat Blocker is GoodAccess’ implementation of the mechanism. It operates on the VPN gateway, where it is a favorable position to both protect users and alert administrators to a malicious presence in the network.

The Starter plan includes the Threat Blocker in its basic functionality, which offers the full protective capability only with less granular reporting.

What’s the difference between Starter and Free Trial?

The trial is full-featured but time-limited. You get every functionality of the Premium plan but once your 14 days have expired, you will have to switch to one of the paid plans or go with Starter.

Starter, on the other hand, may only include basic networking and security features and the number of team members is capped at 100, but is time-unlimited and free. Therefore, if you are happy with the features it offers, you can just continue using our free VPN service forever.

How to get a free VPN by GoodAccess

Start by signing up for a 14-day free trial.

Over these two weeks, you and your team will be free to test out every feature GoodAccess has to offer (including those of the paid plans). After this period, the choice is yours. If you feel like Starter is enough for you, it’s yours to use forever.

We've poured our passion and skills into creating the Starter plan. It’s our contribution toward making the world a safer place.

Michal Cizek.

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