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We believe that if a business wants to empower their users with secure “anywhere, anytime” access, they should be able to do this with no hassle.

This is why we invest our passion and expertise in developing GoodAccess, an affordable cloud service that is easy to use, deployed in 10 minutes and agile by design.

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Meet the Executive Team

Michal Čížek
Co-Founder and CEO
Martin Čížek
Co-Founder and COO
Jiří Hromádka
Co-Founder and CTO
Artur Kane

Our Values

We strive for a sustainable balance between our heart, mind, family, team, investors, customers, partners, community and the environment.
Together we create a safe place defined by trust, understanding and openness. We should feel the same as we do at home.
We respect the uniqueness of every human being. There is no need to pretend, altogether we just do things the best we can.
Motivation is a desire that leads to self-realization and learning. We live to feel great no matter if we make small or big things.
The change is always driven by inspiration. Everyone should be inspired to inspire others.
Feel joy at home, feel joy at work. Don't be angry with the rose for its thorns, rejoice that such a thorny bush still has flowers.

We Serve Businesses in Over 120 Countries

“Simply to use, reliable service with great support made GoodAccess a very good choice for us. It was recommended to us and I would only share the recommendation.”

from G2, a customer review site

Partner Ecosystem

GoodAccess integrates with industry-leading tools to support your existing infrastructure.

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