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On Upcoming Pricing Changes and 2023 Outlook

Read more about the changes in GoodAccess pricing which became effective February 15th, 2023.

Michal Cizek


Hi everyone,

Today, I want to share with you an important update to GoodAccess' pricing and talk about our plans for 2023.

First of all, thanks to all our customers and supporters for their continued trust in GoodAccess. 2022 was an incredible year. I am excited that we successfully delivered several tangible enhancements, such as new features, reinvented client apps, and improved the stability of our platform, creating an overall better GoodAccess experience.

As father-co-founder, I'm proud of the massive evolution that GoodAccess underwent in the past year. It has grown into a full-featured secure remote access platform that enables everyone to work from anywhere without a hitch. Today it serves hundreds of businesses across the globe.

But this evolution has a downside - higher operational costs, which affect our pricing. I will be honest here. We did the math, talked to customers, made market comparisons, and the conclusion was clear: GoodAccess plans have long been underpriced, and that may hinder the future planned development of our platform.

Believe me, we've tried to figure out how to avoid any pricing changes. But with massive investments to the security, reliability, and stability of the platform backend over the last year, and counting in planned enhancements in upcoming years, we have no other choice.

The team and I believe that these changes match the value of GoodAccess, reflect its continued evolution, and will help us continue preserving the quality of service we strive to provide.

Despite the price increase, GoodAccess still delivers the best value on the market.

What are the changes exactly?

Effective February 15th, our pricing plan changes as follows:

  • Plan prices increase between $2 and $8 per user/month, depending on your plan and billing frequency.
  • Private gateways are paid extra. This step conforms to the market standard.
  • Newly the minimum number of users per subscription is 5 (we've listened to customers for whom the minimum of 10 is too many). Also, you can add seats by one.
  • With regards to the pricing changes, we've also changed the names of our paid current plans to Essential, Premium and Enterprise.

Outlook 2023

Our 2023 roadmap is stuffed with new networking and security features, which, I believe, you will enjoy. Some of them are already live such as “always-on” allowing your users to stay always connected and thus secured, or the updated Secure Shield, which allows you to see details of the blocked threat activity.

Throughout the year, we plan, besides other improvements, to deliver:

  • Device Security & Posture Check
  • SCIM - via the SCIM protocol you will be able to activate automatic user provisioning
  • Managed Always On (forced by admin)
  • Improvements to the Secure Shield - extended anomaly & threat detection
  • Implement the Wireguard protocol to our suite
  • Linux App

Thank you for your continued support and looking forward to keeping your business safe and secure.

If anything, you can always catch me on ceo@goodaccess.com.


Michal Cizek, CEO of GoodAccess