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GoodAccess reviewed by industry leading expert David Strom

Read the review by David Strom, an IT industry leading expert, who assess pros and cons of GoodAccess, a cloud VPN with zero-trust access controls.

Lukas Dolnicek


David Strom is a leading expert on network and Internet technologies with more than 30 years’ experience in writing and testing business security and productivity products for a wide variety of industry publications.

Strom has an impressive track record in IT media and corporate blogs. He founded the Network Computing magazine in 1990, was its first editor-in-chief, and ran editorial operations for Tom’s Hardware and ReadWrite.com. He is the author of two computer networking books and thousands of shorter articles and blog posts for dozens of publications and corporate blogs (Avast, RSA, Kaspersky), drawing on his vast experience in testing hundreds of business security and productivity products.

His review is based on his hands-on experience with GoodAccess and gives an unbiased assessment of the product’s strengths and weaknesses. The results of the testing, which he presents in this blog article “GoodAccess VPN review: A new twist on an old security tool designed for the smaller business”, represent an objective start for anyone considering the GoodAccess cloud VPN with zero-trust access controls.

“GoodAccess has taken the best bits from the consumer-grade VPNs and created a very robust business-class tool that can be used by smaller enterprises to protect their remote users. It is a VPN provider that you can quickly start using and grow into more sophisticated protection and doesn’t require a lot of IT resources to deploy and maintain.”

Read the full report: https://blog.strom.com/wp/?p=9396