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GoodAccess Offers Protection Against Online Threats With its Built-in Threat Blocker Feature

GoodAccess Threat Blocker enables businesses to provide network security on the public internet and protect remote employees from web-based threats.

Lukas Dolnicek


Threat Blocker enables businesses to provide network security on the public internet and protect remote employees from dangerous domains, phishing attempts, malware and network attacks.

According to the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (2021), human error is involved in 85% of cybersecurity incidents, and 61 percent of them are caused by stolen or misused credentials. Extending corporate networks to the public internet and remote work only intensifies such risks and increases the likelihood of a breach since businesses have no control over the networks and devices that employees are using to connect with business resources.

GoodAccess' Threat Blocker is designed to help businesses protect their remote employees from communicating with malicious websites and thus prevent risks of credential leakage , exposure of sensitive information, or damage to business operations.

"Threat Blocker is an important addition to the security features of our platform," says Artur Kane, CMO at GoodAccess. "When phishing, ransomware, and other online adversary techniques are still at large, GoodAccess Threat Blocker will help businesses to elevate their security posture against them and reduce the attack surface introduced by remote work."

Threat Blocker is a native feature of the GoodAccess platform and is automatically enabled for all customers with no additional setup required. It uses several threat intelligence feeds to identify and block connections with malicious domains in real-time (so-called DNS filtering). The feeds are constantly updated with the latest information on malicious domains, so businesses can be confident that their employees are protected from the newest threats. For monitoring and compliance reasons, employees' access to harmful websites and content is tracked and logged. Also, GoodAccess users can define their custom domain blacklists (denylists) to strengthen their security controls.

The new feature helps businesses to:

  • prevent employees from accessing malicious websites and keep their data safe and secure,
  • block malware before infiltrating business network and launching larger attacks (advanced persistent threats, APT),
  • detect and block connections with C&C botnet networks,
  • prevent ransomware attacks to keep data safe and systems up and running,
  • prevent unauthorized access to the business network as a result of successful phishing and identity theft,
  • reduce the risk of sensitive business data exposure.

GoodAccess cloud VPN with zero-trust network access controls streamlines the way organizations handle remote networking and mitigates security risks introduced by distributed workforce, constant mobility and decentralized IT. Since 2020, GoodAccess has earned the trust of more than 1000 business customers from 120 countries worldwide.

You can try out the new feature via a 14-day free trial: www.goodaccess.com/trial.