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VPN Static IP and Static VPN IP are now part of GoodAccess

VPNstaticIP.com and Staticvpnip.com, services providing reliable static IP addresses to individuals and teams, have joined the GoodAccess product portfolio.

Lukas Dolnicek


VPNstaticIP.com and StaticVPNIP.com are trusted providers of static IP addresses via cloud VPN. They allow individuals and business teams to easily get static IP addresses and perform IP whitelisting to safeguard remote access to private systems and apps.

With more than 10 years on the market and thousands of customers, both providers stand out from the crowd thanks to their straightforwardness, ease of use, and security.

Being one of the first services of their kind available to individuals and teams, VPNstaticIP.com and StaticVPNIP.com are the services of choice for everyone who wants to easily get a public static IP address. Both offer instant deployment, global gateway infrastructure, and fair pricing.

The integration of vpnstaticip.com and staticvpnip.com into the GoodAccess family underlines our mission to provide solutions for secure remote access without any of the complexities so users can securely access digital resources anytime, anywhere.