HIPaa Compliance

HIPAA Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is Federal legislation that describes US-wide standards for the protection of personally-identifiable patient health information from non-consensual exposure and misuse.

GoodAccess is a HIPAA-compliant network security solution that can help you protect your network and systems and reinforce your supply chain.

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What is HIPAA compliance

Rules of HIPAA compliance

Over the years, HIPAA underwent revisions to include provisions that mandate the adoption of protocols that protect the privacy of both physical and electronic personally identifiable health information. The act obliges not just health care providers, but also their business partners and emphasizes compliance across the vendor delivery chain.

At present, HIPAA’s provisions stand on five fundamental rules:

Gateway network

Global shared gateway network

Starter is a free business VPN that creates a secure VPN infrastructure for your virtual organization. Every time a user connects, GoodAccess automatically seeks out the nearest gateway location with the lowest latency and assigns an IP address dynamically. This enables secure private browsing and encrypted remote access to IT resources for your coworkers, even if they connect through public Wi-Fi.

network control and visibility
network control and visibility

Threat protection

Online Threat Protection

Starter comes equipped with Threat Blocker, an always-on feature that stops phishing, malware, botnets, ransomware ploys and other online security threats before they hit the user and breach your network. Learn more about GoodAccess Threat Blocker.

Goodaccess app

Mobile and desktop apps

GoodAccess comes with one-click applications for iOS, macOS, Android, Windows and ChromeOS. No configuration is needed. Just invite your colleagues via email to create their account and get the GoodAccess app.

Privacy Rule

Privacy Rule

The Privacy Rule obliges covered entities and business associates to implement standards and procedures to prevent any non-consensual disclosure of patient information. All the standards and procedures must be thoroughly documented and employees must be trained in these policies every year.

Security rule

Security rule

All electronic patient health information must be protected against exposure and potential sharing. Covered entities and business associates must ensure the integrity and safety of electronic patient information with physical, administrative, and technical safeguards. These safeguards and procedures of their use must be thoroughly documented and staff annually trained.

Enforcement rule

Enforcement rule

The Enforcement Rule outlines investigations, penalties, and hearings as a result of HIPAA violations. Among others, it authorizes Federal bodies to impose monetary fines on covered entities and business associates for non-compliance with the Act.

Breach notification rule

Breach notification rule

In the event of a breach, covered entities and business associates must report the incident according to the requirements depending on the breach’s scope and size. Specific reporting protocols change depending on the type of breach, but all breaches regardless of size must be reported to the HHS OCR.

Omnibus rule

Omnibus rule

The Omnibus Rule extends the scope of the HIPAA regulation on business associates, in addition to covered entities. Business associates must follow rules for contracts between them and covered entities and must be HIPAA compliant.

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hipaa compliance

GoodAccess can help you with HIPAA compliance

GoodAccess provides a Zero-Trust Network Access as a Service solution (ZTNAaaS), which means it can help you check off requirements related to network security and data protection.

  • MFA – Enforce multi-factor authentication on the network level, including systems where MFA configuration would be difficult.
  • Gateway and system-level access logs – Monitor users and devices connecting to your IT environment and accessing your systems. Monitor suspicious activity and track breaches in granular access logs.
  • Threat detection – Automatically detect and block phishing attempts, botnets, malware, and other online threats.
  • Least-privilege access control – Control access to your critical resources with easy-to-manage access rules on the network level, spanning your whole organization and external contractors.
  • High-availability gateways – Deploy backup gateways to prevent dropping network security during local internet service outages.
  • Traffic encryption – Protect all data in transit with strong encryption to protect it from eavesdropping and interception.
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See why your peers choose GoodAccess

GoodAccess product is simple, super user-friendly, and pretty fast. It has taken several minutes to connect a team of 60 members. It guarantees the security of our work, gives the possibility to use different servers/encryptions from any place in the world when most of our agents work remotely.

Maria Pavliv
Project Manager at Lionentry
Mid-Market (51-200 employees)
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GoodAccess has allowed our company to easily IP restrict and control access to sensitive applications to our employees abroad without the need of setting up custom VPNs. It simply works and works fast!

Adam Hurst
CTO at Deadstock
Mid-Market (51-200 employees)
See detailed review on G2

GoodAccess is very easy to provision and manage. Staff find it easy to set up and we're able to invite users with a simple email sent via the web panel. We've been able to easily move the company to remote-only over the past year and GoodAccess has been a central part of that.

Oliver Douglas
Technical Operations Coordinator at MyTutor
Mid-Market (51-200 employees)
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I use a VPN and static IP for my team. The service allows e to simply invite team members. The installation is very simple and the service is of great performance. No downtime. Simple on/off. Also, I get clear insights for the usage of my team members. I used other services before but this is by far the best manageable one.

Oren Zamski
Co-Founder at Nogamy
Mid-Market (51-200 employees)
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Why GoodAccess is your go-to compliance solution

GoodAccess is a customer choice among cloud-based zero-trust solutions. We are GDPR, HIPAA compliant and have passed ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certification.

Device posture check & management

Filter out non-compliant devices to reduce the risk of breaches. Define your device security policy and enforce it from the central console.

Identity-based access control

Assign access on a least-privilege and per-app basis centrally and easily.

Software-defined perimeter

Apply a protective layer over all your users and resources, wherever they are. Enforce the same level of security throughout multi-site and multi-cloud environments.

Cryptography and encryption

Protect data and user identity during transit with strong, unbroken encryption.

Auditable access logs

Monitor activity on the level of systems and gateway, locate breaches and configuration issues, feed the logs to a SIEM.

Multi-factor authentication

Prevent unauthorized access with MFA before allowing access to internal systems.


Configure your secure GoodAccess secure environment in high-availability to ensure continuous protection.

Vulnerability disclosure

We are open about our limits. GoodAccess is an essential component of your security ecosystem that complements other security solutions.

Security policies

Enforce your security policy centrally and ensure no user accesses critical resources without satisfactory authorization.

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