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5 reasons why you should upgrade to a SASE network security solution in 2021

Having trouble working remotely on a legacy hardware VPN? Fortunately, there is a modern solution for your company’s network security: SASE.

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In the last year, you’ve most likely spent at least a couple of days working from your home office. And if your company uses a legacy hardware VPN to connect all its systems and private networks, you have your fair share of experience with how everything works – or, rather, doesn’t work. Fortunately, there is a modern solution for your company’s network security called SASE (Secure Access Service Edge).

Main differences between a hardware VPN and SASE

A hardware VPN is just that – a hardware solution that has to be installed, maintained, and run on physical devices usually located at your company. Hardware VPNs are expensive to purchase and operate since you need a dedicated IT expert for the initial setup, as well as for any operation and hardware/software changes.

GoodAccess, a modern SASE solution for network security, eliminates all the issues companies face with hardware VPNs. It’s a cloud-operated system that is beyond easy to deploy, and thanks to the user-friendly control panel, you won’t need years of IT experience to set it up. For more details about the GoodAccess features compared to legacy hardware VPNs, take a look around our learning center.

Hardware VPN vs GoodAccess SASE

Easy onboarding and outplacement

With a hardware VPN, you (or rather your IT expert) have to take the laptop, smartphone, tablet, or any other tech the user wants to use and set up or remove the connection on each device. Now, that’s costly and repetitive work. With GoodAccess, your new employees simply need to download our app and they’re all set.

GoodAccess makes the onboarding and outplacement of your employees a breeze. It only takes one click in the control panel to grant or deny access to all the company systems to a given user. This also eliminates the need to manually set up access for that user on every single one of their devices.

You CAN work remotely

Making sure the connection your employees are using is secure is nearly impossible. They can connect from everywhere: their homes, the airport, even the beach. Sure, it’s company policy to use strong passwords and two-factor authentication for each system, but that doesn’t encrypt all your data. Also, it can be quite easy for a third party to breach a public Wi-Fi hotspot and intercept the ongoing communication.

How does SASE solve this issue? GoodAccess securely connects your employees with the company system from everywhere in the world on the network level. Meaning that once you connect to your GoodAccess gateway, your traffic is secure and encrypted, and you get to work inside your company’s own private network. No shark hackers will be able to get you on your secure private island.

you can work remotely

GDPR compliance solved

Hardware VPNs act as an entry point into your company networks. But once the users are in, it’s very difficult to track and log their actions or restrict their access to certain systems. GoodAccess takes care of GDPR implicitly. Thanks to the control panel, you are able to define which systems a user can and cannot access. Our SASE solution also tracks and logs the activity of each user, so you have a clear overview of who accessed what systems and data and at what times. Useful, right?

Opening a new branch? No problem!

When you open a new branch, you have two choices. Either you spend a small fortune on connecting it to your existing hardware VPN network, wasting your IT team’s valuable resources on a task they’ve already done hundreds of times before and will have to do again. Or you can choose a modern SASE solution instead. GoodAccess offers you a secure network perimeter that connects the private networks of your branches, company clouds, external SaaS systems, remote workers, and IoT devices.

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