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Introducing System-Level Access Logs

GoodAccess now features System-Level Access Logs, a key tool for effective behavior monitoring and regulatory compliance.

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Get the most usable ZTNA solution

GoodAccess is entering a whole new tier among ZTNA offerings.

Meet System-Level Access Logs, a game-changing enhancement to your IT environment’s observability.

At a glance:

  • System-level access logs allow you to monitor user-application interactions.
  • They provide granular information on user devices and other interaction data.

Track activity on each system

System-level access logs allow you to see who interacted with which system, how long the session was, and how much data was transferred.

Fig. 1—A list of sessions in System-Level Access Logs

You can filter the session records (e.g. to view the activity on a particular application) and export the records for later analysis.

Drill down to details

By expanding a session record you can investigate individual user-application interactions. This provides additional detail, such as more granular interaction timestamps or the device and gateway that was used for the connection.

Fig. 2 - An expanded session showing individual interactions between the system and user

System-level access logs vs gateway-level access logs

Gateway-Level Access Logs provide a quick glance of who has connected to your software-defined perimeter.

System-Level Access Logs give you much more granular information on interactions with individual systems. This makes them a much richer source of intelligence for monitoring or incident investigation.

Closing remarks

System-Level Access Logs can be found in the Control Panel in the Access Logs section and under the System Level Tab. They come with the Premium plan.

System-Level Access Logs are an essential component of activity monitoring, which is a necessary part of compliance with NIS2 and other data protection regulations.

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