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Monitor Threat Activity in Your Infrastructure via Secure Shield

The Threat Blocker log boosts your situational awareness by keeping track of threat activity and policy violations in your IT infrastructure.

Petr Pecha


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Secure Shield houses Threat Blocker, GoodAccess’ built-in DNS filter that protects you from phishing, botnet C2s, spammers, and other malware.

With the newest Secure Shield update, you can now see the full detail of threat activity that Threat Blocker has detected and blocked in your IT environment.

What is new?

You now have access to the Threat Blocker log.

The Threat Blocker log is a live feed of online threat activity in your secured infrastructure. Whenever Threat Blocker detects a malicious or prohibited domain and blocks access to it, you will see a record of this.

Each entry includes the user account, name of the blacklisted domain or its IP address, number of hits, the last recorded hit, and a type of threat (e.g. phishing attempt, or a custom prohibited domain).

Fig. 1 – Detected threat activity Threat Blocker log

This information allows you to keep track of what threats your users are exposed to, and identify potential breaches or weak spots in your security ecosystem, or pick up content policy violations.

You may also filter the information by member, domain, or date and time.

Where do I find the Threat Blocker log?

In your GoodAccess Control Panel, go to the Secure Shield section.

Fig. 2 – Secure Shield in the control panel

Your Threat Blocker log opens as the default view.


The addition of the Threat Blocker log to Secure Shield increases your situational awareness and helps you identify vulnerable or non-compliant hosts.

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