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GoodAccess Makes Managing User Permissions Easy

GoodAccess supports SCIM for user access provisioning and synchronization with your IdP. User Groups enable you to manage users and their access rights as one entity.

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Efficient user management and access provisioning are essential tasks for any business operating in the online space today.

But if these are to aid rather than ache, your tools need to be effortless and intuitive.

GoodAccess offers that kind of user access management.

At a glance:

  • The new Groups feature markedly simplifies the management of large numbers of users.
  • GoodAccess supports SCIM for automated user access provisioning and synchronization of account information with an IdP.

Groups simplify user management

You can now manage Members (users) in Groups.

Groups allow you to aggregate Members and manage them as one entity. This simplifies user management and allows you to assign access permissions to entire groups of users instead of each Member individually.

Groups replace and expand on their predecessor Tags. You will now find a new Groups tab in the Members section.

Fig.1 - Groups tab with three Groups listed

The Groups tab lists your existing Groups and shows Access Cards assigned to them, number of Members, and actions to take.

To add Members to a group, you can either edit a Group and add members there, or you can edit a Member and assign them to a group.

To assign access rights to a Group, simply attach an Access Card to it, or add the Group to an Access Card.

Fig. 2 - Access Card with a Member and a Group added

SCIM automates access provisioning

GoodAccess now also supports SCIM (system for cross-domain identity management) for automated provisioning of access permissions for your users or entire groups of users.

SCIM is a standard that facilitates information exchange between an identity provider (e.g. Okta) and service provider, in this case GoodAccess (more about SCIM in this blog post).

The advantage of GoodAccess is that it leverages SCIM to synchronize not just individual users, but entire groups.

This significantly reduces the effort of managing user access permissions.

Fig. 3 - SCIM settings in SSO configuration

All you need to do is to manage users, groups, and access rights in your source of identity (identity provider) and GoodAccess will follow your access policy automatically.


GoodAccess reaffirms its position as the most user-friendly offering among ZTNA vendors. Group management and SCIM access provisioning minimize human error and significantly reduce the effort of user access management.

If you need any help or if you have feedback on the new features, drop us a line.

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