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We’ve Enhanced Visibility and User Experience

Recent additions to GoodAccess improve device observability and user experience. Find out what kind of information GoodAccess provides and other improvements we’ve made.

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We’ve been working hard improving the internals of GoodAccess to enhance user experience, increase visibility, and future-proof the platform to accommodate future trends.

Here are several recent improvements that might interest you.

Device Inventory improves visibility

GoodAccess fingerprints every device that connects to your secured IT environment.

This information enhances the observability of your secured IT environment—in addition to users, you can keep track of user devices, check their parameters, and spot suspicious behaviors.

The Device Inventory includes:

  • Connection timestamp,
  • Platform,
  • Operating system,
  • Team member who owns the device,
  • GoodAccess client app version.

Devices connecting with an outdated GoodAccess client app are flagged.

You can find the Device Inventory in the Members section under the Devices tab.

Fig. 1 - Device Inventory

UX and usability enhancements

GoodAccess already boasts the best usability in the ZTNA-as-a-service niche, and it’s only getting better.

Control Panel looking slick

The GoodAccess Control Panel uses a new design template that provides a smoother user experience and enables us to implement new features more easily.

The visuals are more pleasing to the eye, the interface is easier to navigate, and multiple ergonomic improvements have been added.

Fig. 2 - GoodAccess Dashboard in the new UI

New generation of the Windows client app

In line with user-experience enhancements, the GoodAccess client app for Windows has received an overhaul improving its stability and security, as well as an entirely new visual design.

A major improvement is the introduction of a Systems section in the app, where you can search through your added systems and pick out favorites for quicker access.

In addition, the Windows app now has a Profile section for direct access to user settings.

Fig. 3 - New Windows client app, light (left) and dark (right) theme

Stay tuned for more GoodAccess product news

Stick around our blog section for more news in the upcoming months. SCIM, forced always-on, or anomaly detection to name but a few.

Are you enjoying GoodAccess? If you have any feedback for us, let us know.

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