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5 reasons why you need a secure business VPN

Remote access to a company's systems is quite risky, as you don’t have control over every access point. And that's why you need a secure business VPN.

Martin Cizek


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Get a business VPN for your team

Allowing your employees to work remotely is basically a must in this day and age. Accessing your company’s systems from anywhere in the world can get quite risky, as you don’t have control over every access point your colleagues are using. And that’s why you need a secure business VPN.

Hide your company’s networks

How can you protect your data and systems from hackers, DDoS attacks, or unauthorized access attempts? By hiding your company’s networks from the public internet. A private company network hides your business systems from third parties because, simply put, they don’t even get to know they exist.

As a business VPN with SASE features, GoodAccess creates a virtual private network for your company. All authorized personnel connect to this VPN via your own business GoodAccess gateway with a dedicated IP address. Your team and your team only can connect from any location worldwide, your data are secure, and you don’t have to rely solely on a strong password policy.

Encrypt your network communication

One of the many features GoodAccess offers is strong encryption for all network communications. After you connect to your private network, all your communications and data transfers are protected by highly powerful encryption. Therefore, you don’t have to worry anymore about possible data leaks or your communication being intercepted by someone else. No need to feel nervous when you or your colleagues use a public Wi-Fi hotspot or connect via an untrusted ISP.

Take control of every access

You can’t restrict the access of your employees into a certain business system when using a legacy VPN. In other words, anyone with an account has access to every bit of data on your network.

GoodAccess offers you access management on the network level. With our user-friendly control panel, you set permissions for every account or team you create. Your sales team has access to sales-related data, the marketing department only sees their own folders, and both teams work with the company's CRM. You can even invite external partners and restrict their access to the systems they need to work with. Pretty neat, right?

GoodAccess Dashboard
GoodAccess Dashboard

Manage your entire team

Be in charge of every account you create – onboarding and outplacement of your employees is a breeze with GoodAccess. It only takes one minute to create an account for your new colleagues and only a few clicks to deny access to team members that are leaving your company. By using the control panel, you have a clear overview of every active account, which prevents that one colleague who left the company three years ago from accessing the company’s systems.

Rely on the latest technology

The world of cybersecurity changes every day – and most of the VPN deployments are, quite possibly, outdated and contain more than one vulnerable spot or bug that needs patching.

Opensource and legacy hardware VPN technologies require continuous updates and extensive maintenance. With the GoodAccess SaaS application, you can rely on your business VPN being always up-to-date and that you’re using the latest security standards. Our systems and apps are frequently updated and audited by external security specialists to ensure your virtual private network is always secure as possible.

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