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Easy & Secure

Easy to Deploy

No IT experts needed anymore. Secure your business systems in 5 minutes! Get your access gateway, whitelist your Dedicated IP, invite your team. Done.

Easy to Manage

Manage your team's access easily. The control panel and API provides complete system access management, access logs and stats.

Easy to Use

Let your team access your business systems securely from anywhere using any device with just 1 click!

System Access Protection

With GoodAccess and IP whitelisting you can easily protect and hide your business systems from hackers and DDos attacks.

Secure Internet

Browse the Internet securely! GoodAccess provides a strong encryption on unprotected WiFi networks like hotels, cafes or airports.

Secure Private

GoodAccess is a hardwareless cloud-based business VPN with a secure private network for all company employees regardless of their location.

GoodAccess Gateway

GoodAccess Gateway is Software-Defined Cloud VPN server dedicated just for your team. No hardware needed!

 Private Network for all your team members around the world

 Secure encrypted internet access for all your team members from any unprotected WiFi network (cafe, hotels, airports etc.)

 Dedicated Static IP address from a chosen location / country shared by all team members

 Encrypted network communication between team members

 Fast 1Gbit/s connection

 Custom Split Networking rules

 Custom Port Forwarding rules

GoodAccess Control Panel

The easy & intuitive access management system.

 Manage your gateways

 Manage your team members

 Manage your protected systems

 Control the access by team members or groups

 View the access logs and reports

     much more ...

GoodAccess Apps

GoodAccess Apps allow you to access all protected systems anywhere with just 1 click from any device.

GoodAccess Global Network

Find the best virtual location for your private access gateway