VPN Static IP Address

VPN Static IP
Service for Business

Create a secure private network within 10 minutes and secure your Team's cloud infrastructure, databases and servers using a Static IP Address VPN.

  • Software-Defined Cloud VPN server
  • Easy-to-use Full feature Admin panel
  • Secure remote access via Phone or Desktop
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See how Static IP VPN secures your Business

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Why 1.000+ Businesses use VPN with Static IP from GoodAccess

Easy & Fast Setup

Fast 10-minute setup! Your Personal GoodAccess Guru is ready to assist you securing your entire Business network with your Static IP VPN.

Intuitive Admin Panel

Manage your Business Network from one place. Use the dashboard to grant access to employees, secure systems via API, or read access logs and stats.

Phone & Desktop apps

Access your Business network from unprotected networks like airports, café or home office. Connect securely to your Static IP VPN with 1-click apps.

System Access Protection

Whitelisting your Static IP VPN and Integrating your systems is easy with GoodAccess! Hide your systems from hackers and DDos attacks in no time!

Secure Internet

Browse the Internet securely! GoodAccess provides a strong encryption on unprotected WiFi networks like hotels, cafes or airports.

Secure Private

Software-defined cloud VPN server for Small and Large Businesses. One secure team network for all company employees regardless of their location.

Start 14 days Free
No credit card needed. Commitment-free.
Start 14 days Free
No credit card required