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How to Manage Access Control in GoodAccess

See how to increase your company security by setting up access control with members and systems in GoodAccess cloud VPN.


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Petr Pecha

In a previous post, I talked about what access control is and how it works. In this article I will focus on the basics of setting up access control in GoodAccess.

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Table of contents

  1. Add members
  2. Define systems
  3. Create and assign access cards

1. Add members

By adding members you build out your virtual private network. Members are not just people but also devices like routers, firewalls, endpoints, and the like.

In your GoodAccess Control Panel, go to the Members section.

Fig. 1 - A list of team members (in this case the list contains user devices)

Here you can see a list of present members and, at the top right, three buttons.

  • Buy more members - raise you team member limit
  • Add device - connect a device to your virtual private network
  • Invite members - send email invitations to new members

If you so choose, you can also add people’s devices directly instead of sending invitations.

Fig. 2 - Dialog window to add a new device

2. Define systems

Systems are what your users are connecting to - SaaS applications, services, servers, and such.

By defining systems, and later granting user access to them, you create shortcuts that allow you to access your systems quickly and directly from the GoodAccess app.

Fig. 3 - A CRM shortcut in the GoodAccess app

Systems is also where you can define internal systems so that users connecting from a remote branch can get access as well.

In the GoodAccess Control Panel, go to the Systems section.

Fig. 4 - A list of connected systems

Here you can see a list of all your connected systems and can add new ones by clicking Add System in the top right corner.

When adding a system, enter the following information:

  • Enter a Name,
  • Choose Tags,
  • Select the Type,
  • Enter the system’s URL.

Finally, click Add System, and your newly created system should appear on the list.

3. Create and assign access cards

GoodAccess uses the mechanism of access cards to determine which user may access which system. Access cards make it easy to bundle access to systems depending on the kind of user role the access card is assigned to.

Note: Members without any access cards won’t be able to access any systems.

To assign access cards to your members, go to your GoodAccess Control Panel, and choose section Access Control.

Fig. 5 - Three access cards with different members and systems

From here you can create new access cards, assign them to members, and define which systems they provide access to. You can also add new cards by clicking Add Access Card in the upper right corner.

To edit a card, click Edit in the upper right corner of a card.

By switching between the tabs, you can change the Members who hold the card, Systems that the card allows access to, and connected Clouds & Branches.

Fig. 6 - An editing dialog for an SSH access cards showing the SSH system added

And that, in a nutshell, is all. GoodAccess is all about ease of use. If you have any questions or need help setting up access control, give us a shout.