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Dedicated IP
VPN for Teams

Secure your Team's cloud infrastructure, databases and servers within minutes.

  • Dedicated cloud VPN gateway included
  • Easy access control and activity monitoring
  • Secure remote access via Phone or Desktop

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Features & Benefits

Easy to Deploy

A few minutes to setup your private cloud VPN gateway with a dedicated IP. Invite your team, whitelist your dedicated IP in your systems. Done!

Easy to Manage

Manage your team's access easily. The control panel and API provide complete system access management, access logs and stats.

Easy to Use

Access your team's dedicated static IP VPN securely from anywhere and from any device with 1 click using the GoodAccess App.

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3 Steps to secure your business with GoodAccess

Get your Team's Access Gateway

Get your private gateway with dedicated Static IP address just for your team. Instantly deployed within a few minutes anywhere globally.

Protect your Systems

Whitelist your Dedicated static IP address to hide your systems from the public and allow access only to your team. Protect your systems against hackers easily with GoodAccess integrations.

Invite your team to use the GoodAccess App

Use the GoodAccess App to connect to the dedicated static ip vpn and access your network securely from home office and remote locations with 1 click!

Secure your network easily with Dedicated IP VPN today

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