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APACHE Web server

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How to set up APACHE web server to allow access only with the GoodAccess App

1 Use the .htaccess file generator.

2 Enter your GoodAccess gateway's Static IP address and click Generate .htaccess File

3 Set I want to allow these IP addresses and ban everyone else.

4 Create .htaccess file with the generated content and copy it to your web server. Place it in the directory containing the part of the website which should be protected.

5 Test the access without GoodAccess to be sure access is not allowed to the public.

6 Congratulations! From now on your system will be protected and accessible only for your team via GoodAccess.

Note: In case the .htaccess file doesn't work, be sure you have your APACHE configured with directive AllowOverride All. See APACHE AllowOverride documentation.

There are more ways to configure your APACHE web server, allowing access only with the GoodAccess App. See APACHE Access Control documentation and APACHE .htaccess file documentation