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VPN IKev2 guide for macOS

1Get your VPN Credentials from your GoodAccess Team administrator (GoodAccess ControlPanel -> Members)

  • Get your CA Certificate from your GoodAccess Team administrator (GoodAccess ControlPanel -> Members).


2Open downloaded CA and find certificate in Keychain (you can use search bar with „GA“)

  • In Keychain open CA or via right button click on „get info“ and set „always trust“ and apply.

  • Confirm this change with closing this window and refresh. You have to see certificate with blue mark.


3Open System Preferences, go to Network and add new connetion.

  • interface =VPN
  • VPN type =IKev2
  • name of your connection (it is up to you)

4Add your Gateway adress (hostname) to Server Address and Remote ID. You can find it in control panel -> gateway.

5Then open Authentification settings and write your VPN credentials.


6Don't forget to apply before clicking to Connect button.


7Congratulations! GoodAccess GW is now connected. You can access your protected systems securely.