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VPN guide for Linux

1 Your administrator has to send you OpenVPN configuration of your profile and your credentials.

Download script here.

  • script  simplifies GoodAccess gateway connections management for Linux systems. It allows to have set up several GoodAccess OpenVPN connections.


Notice: All examples are written as if you were logged in your system as user root. You may run system commands as normal user with sudo command.

You cannot run this script as normal user because it needs "superuser" privileges.


2 After downloading script, save it to /usr/local/bin/ directory for easier launch in the future.

  • Script will check presence of OpenVPN software in your system and offers installing it if it is missing. This feature works on Linux systems with apt or yum installers. If you have different Linux system, you'll have to install OpenVPN package manually.


3 Run this script with parameter -s to setup new connection and provide path to OpenVPN configuration file you've downloaded previously:

# -s /path/to/file.ovpn

You'll be asked for your username and password during installation process. GoodAccess system saves those data in your system safely. Later these data are read from this file and you don't need write them again when connecting.

Next, you'll be asked for custom name of new connection. You may have more connections installed, so choose the best name for this connection. For example us-tx-dallas-john . Th ename is absolutely up to you.

Notice: You can have installed as many GoodAccess connections as you need. Simply run with parameter -s again and provide another configuration file.


4 Use this sequence:

# [-r [name of your connection]]

You can ommit both parameters if you have just one connection in your sytem. In that case you will be connected to it.

Connection process runs interminal window. You'll see many info lines about connecting process.

When connection is successfully set up, the last line should be:

Initialiation sequence completed

5 Congratulations! GoodAccess GW is now connected. You can access your protected systems securely.